Special Cattle Sale
Monday June 13, 2022- 11:00 am
Axmear Ag: 240 Blk Bwf Strs and Hfrs 550-750
-Fall Calves, Shots, Weaned, No Implants
Gent: 147 Blk Strs and Hfrs 400-550#
-Shots, Weaned, Nov. calves
80 Blk Strs, few hfrs 700-800#
-Shots and LTW
26 Blk Angus Simt X Strs and Hfrs 500-650#
-GT, Weaned Apr 11, No implants
21 Blk Strs and Hfrs 450-650#
-Shots and weaned
18 Blk Strs and Hfrs 700-800#
12 Blk Strs 425#
-PC and LTW

Listings updated as come in, so check back often.