Special Bred Cow/Heifer Sale
Monday Jan 24, 2022- 11:00 am
Bred Heifers

Kovar Farms: Blk Bwf 1st calf Hfrs Bred to LBW PB Angus Bulls Complete Health Program Synchronized & Ultrasound confirmed calving dates to be Apr 1-15, and Apr 15 to May 1

5 Blk 1st calf Hfrs Bred Blk to start calving Mar 8. 1250#

Bred Cows
60 Blk Bwf Strs and Hfrs 4-7 yrs old AI to Angus Bull to calve Feb 25 to 26. Cleaned up with PB Angus Bulls. Ultrasound calving information

Complete Spring Calving Cow Dispesal: 40 Blk Cows 6-7 yrs old Bred to Blk Bulls to calve Mar 15 for 90 days. Wormed, poured, scourguard

Listings updated as come in, so check back often.