Special Bred Cow/Heifer and Feeder cattle sale
Monday February 20 2023 - 11am


Complete Dispersal: 45 Blk Bwf SimAngusX Cows 3-10yrs
-Bred Angus to start calving March 25. Closed Herd, All home raised.
Complete health and mineral program.

45 Blk Hfrs Bred to LBW Angus Bulls to calve Mar15 for 45 days.
Western origin hfrs were pelvic measured and have complete health
program including 2 rds scourguard.

18 Blk Cows 4-6yr. Partial dispersal. Bred to Mosher Angus Bulls to calve
Mar 15 for 75 days. Complete health program.

12 Blk Hfrs. Bred to LBW Mosher Angus Bull to calve Mar 15 for 75 days
Complete health program.


Listings updated as come in, so check back often.