Special All Breed Bull, Bred Cow, and Cow Calf Pair Salea
Monday May 7, 2018 - 11:00 am
Bred Cows
37 Blk Cows 2-6 yrs old Bred to Blk Bulls 6-7 mos bred
12 Blk Cows 3-10 yrs old Bred to Blk Simt Bull to calve in July & Aug
-mineral program
5 Corriente Cows 3 yrs old Bred to Corriente Bulls
5 PB Angus Cows Bred to PB Angus Bulls 5-9 yrs old
-calve in May
2 Blk Cows Bred Blk to calve in June


12 Angus Simt X Cows 4 yrs old. Feb and Mar. calves at side, tagged to match
-Have not been re exposed
18 Blk Few Red Cows 2-7 yrs old. Mar calves at side, tagged to match
9 Blk Char X Cows 3-5 yrs old (7 Blk, 2 Char)
Calves at side, tagged to match
Complete Disperal: 20 Blk Cows 3-10 yrs old Bred to Pharo PB Angus Bulls.
Calving now
2 Corriente 3 yr old Cows, March calves at side
Complete Dispersal: Iowa Hereford Ranch, 5 PB Hereford 1st calf Hfrs, mated to son of WK Mr Roadtrip 1001 4R160 to start calving Apr 15. Mostly calved by sale time.
-link to more info
5 Blk Cows 4-5 Yrs old, Mar & Apr Swenson Angus sired calves at side
Iowa Hereford Ranch: 3 - 2 Yr old Hereford bulls
- 29 is polled scurred (reg#43718990), 40 and 104 are virgin 2 yr olds
(reg# P43719017 & P43761214)
-link to more info

3 Yr old PB Simt Bull
3 yr old 5/8 Sim 3/8 Angus Bull
3 Yr old PB Hereford Bull
20 Mos old Angus Bull, out of Insight
2 - Yrlg Angus Bulls, Sired by Final Answer
3 - Yrlg Angus Bulls Sired by Renown
2 Yr old 3/4 Sim 1/4 Angus Bull
-Sired by Entourage, and out of a TC Freedom Dam
Yrlg PB Reg. Angus Bull - out of EXAR Blue Chip
2 Yrlg Reg PB Angus Bulls
-sired by Renown
2 Yrlg PB Angus Bulls
68 & 70# BW