Special Cattle, Bred Cow and Heifer Sale
Monday Mar 18, 2019 -11:00 am


25 Blk Red Strs and Hfrs 750-850#
22 Blk Strs 600#
-weaned and vac
10 Blk Red Strs 450-500#
-Vac and LTW
5 Red WF Strs and Hfrs 500-600#
3 Blk Strs and Hfrs 350-400#

Bred Cows and Heifers
25 Blk Cows 4-10 yrs old Bred to Blk Bulls to calve after Apr 1
12 Blk Cows 8-10 yrs old Bred to Blk bulls to calve after Apr 15
-Lepto Vibrio, scour shots, poured

Listings updated as come in, so check back often.