Special All Breed Bull, Bred Cows, Pairs, and Feeder Cattle Sale
Monday June 4, 2018 - 11:00 am
6 Yrlg PB Reg. Horned Hereford Bulls
73-80# BW
2 yr old PB Reg. Blk/White Normandy Bull
1-Yrlg Bwf Sim Maine Angus Bull
-78# BW, Scurred
1-Yrlg SIm Maine Angus Bull
-72# BW, polled, out of Stepping Stone
1-2 yr old Angus Chi Maine Bull
-68# BW, scurred, TH carrier
2 - 2 yr old Angus Bulls
-76 & 78# BW
4 Yrlg Angus Composite Bulls
79-82# BW
4 Yrlg PB Angus Bulls
-out of Angus Valley sons, Insight, or Renown
4 Reg. Red Angus Bulls
-15 mos old
1-3 1/2 Yr old Blk Sim Angus Bull
1-Yrlg Blk SimAngus Bull
-sired by Sub Zero
1-5 yr old Angus Bull
-sired by Conneally Consensus 7229
1 - 5 yr old PB Sim Bull
-sired by Mr. NLC Upgrade
1- 2 yr old Reg. Polled Hereford Bull
1 Yrlg Polled Hereford Bull
4 Yrlg Angus Bulls
-calving ease
1 - 1 1/2 yr old PB Angus Bull
-out of Hoover Dam and Bush's Unbelievable son, calving ease
1-13 mos old Angus Bull
1 - 15 mos old PB Reg. Red Angus Bull
-sired by MNS Ultamatum from Summitt Farms
1 Yrlg PB Simm Bull

70 Char X Strs and Hfrs 600-800#
-Fall shots
20 Blk Sim Angus X Strs and Hfrs 400-500#
-Green tagged and weaned

Bred Cows and Pairs

10 Blk 1st calf Hfrs, with Mar & Apr. calves at side
-not exposed
9 PB Angus Xows 4-8 yrs old, PB Angus calves at side
-not exposed
2 PB Angus Cows, bred to calve in Sept
3 Blk Cows 6 yrs old, calves at side
3 Blk Cows 10-12 yrs old, calves at side
5 Angus 1st calf Hfrs, late Feb. calves at side. Exposed back to Simm bull since last week of May.