Special Bred Cow & Heifer sale
Monday January 30 2023 - 11am


80 Blk Hfrs. Bred to Pineview Angus turned in June 6th to calve
March 15 for 90 days.
Complete health program and boostered with scourbos.

58 Blk Hfrs Bred to PB Angus LBW Pineview Angus bulls to calve Mar 10
for 90 days. Complete health program and 2 rds scourguard.

50 Red Angus Hfrs. AI Bred to ABS No Worries to calve Mar 1
Cleaned up with Reg Red Angus bull from Cross Diamond Ranch for 70 days
Complete health program with 2 rds scourguard.

Kovar- 40 Blk Bwf Hfrs AI Bred to Connealy Comrade to calve Feb 25
Cleaned up with Pineview Angus to calve Mar-April
Heifers are Western Origin with complete vacc & 2 rds scourguard.

40 Blk Sim Angus X Hfrs
-Bred to Voss, Jindra, or Van Beek Angus Bulls. Ultrasound to start
calving Mar 1. ND origin Hfrs have had all pre-breeding shots and
complete mineral program.


25 Blk Cows 3-10yrs (Pasture Dispersal)
-Bred Black to calve mid march

Listings updated as come in, so check back often.