Special Bred Cow and Heifer Sale
Monday Jan 28, 2019 -11:00 am

Bred Heifers
Kovar Farms: 44 Blk Bwf 1st calf Hfrs Bred to LBW Angus Bulls to calve Mar 20 to Apr 4, with 3 hfrs calve Apr 5 to 20. Complete Health program including 2 rounds of scourguard

Russ Cook: 30 Blk 1st calf Hfrs Home Raised. Synchronized and AI bred to SAV Brilliance for Mar 1. 1200-1300# Cleaned up with sons of Connealy Consensus. Complete Vac. Program including Scourguard

70 Blk Bwf 1st calf Hfrs, South Dakota origin. Bred to easy calving Angus Bulls to calve Feb 15 to Apr 15. All shots and Scourguard

35 Blk 1st calf Hfrs AI bred to Capatalist to calve Feb 14. Cleaned up with Subzero sons for 90 days. Full vac program including 1st scourguard

Bred Cows

80 Blk Angus and Simt Angus X Cows 4-12 yrs old Bred to Blk Angus Bulls to start calving Mar 1. Current annual vac program with scourguard

25 Blk Cows 6-10 yrs old Bred to Blk Angus Bulls. Start calving Mar 1

22 Blk Cows 4-8 yrs old Bred to Blk or Bwf Bulls after July 1 to calve Apr & May

8 Blk Cows 8-12 yrs old Bred to Hayek Blk Gelb Bulls to calve Mar 10 or after.