Special Bred Cow and Heifer Sale
Monday Jan 14, 2019 -11:00 am

Bred Heifers

Peters Beef Genetics: 130 Angus & Angus Simt X, Red Angus Simt X 1st calf Hfrs Originated from Tetrault Ranch (SD & MT), Foothills Ranch (SD), Reames Ranch (KS), and home raised Peters Beef Genetics. AI Bred to Ultimate and Chinook from ABS. Calve Feb 15 to Mar 1
Pasture Bred hfrs bred to Peters Beef Genetics Angus Bulls to calve Mar 10 to Apr 30. Ultrasound calving dates and fetal sexed. Complete vaccination program including Scour Bos. Quiet and Excellent Disposition

Rick & Wes Hand: 100 Blk 1st calf Hfrs. AI to Subzero, to calve Mar 1. Bulls turned in 1 week later. Pelvic measured Complete Health Program 2 rounds Vibrio Lepto, Express 5 and 1st scourguard

20 Blk 1st calf Bred to Blk Bulls after May 23 for 90 days

10 Blk Bwf 1st Calf Hfrs AI to War Paygrade. Due Feb 17. Balancer bull cleanup. All shots

10 Angus 1st calf Hfrs Sired by Deppe Angus Bulls Bred to calving ease PB Angus Bulls after Jun 6 for 75 days. Vac, scourguard, hand fed

5 Angus 1st calf hfrs. Bred to Angus Bull to start after Mar 20
ultrasound calving dates

Bred Cows
200 Blk Bwf Red Cows 2-5 yrs old, consisting of 190 Blk Bwf, and 10 Red
Bred to Blk Bulls after June 10. Spring shots and scourguard

20 Blk Cows 3-8 yrs old Bred to sons of Insight Angus Bull. Calve Mar 5

20 Blk Cows 4-6 yrs old Bred to Simt Angus Bulls, calve Mar 1 to May 1

20 Blk Cows 6-12 yrs old Bred to Blk Bulls after July 1

5 Angus Cows, 4 yrs old Bred to Angus Bull to calve after Mar 1, ultrasound calving dates