Special Bred Cow and Heifer
and Feeder Cattle Sale
Monday Feb. 19, 2018 - 11:00 am


50 Blk Bwf Strs and Hfrs 500-700#
-Weaned and Vac
45 Blk Strs and Hfrs 500-650#
-Weaned anv Vac
14 Blk Bwf Strs and Hfrs 500-800#

Bred Heifers
50 Blk 1st calf Hfrs (Originated from Cowan Ranch Aberdeen, SD) AI Bred to Favre 91A Hereford Calving Ease Bull on 5-24 to Calve Mar 2. Precision Mineral program. Complete Health Program including Scour Bos 9

30 Angus X 1st calf Hfrs
-Pineview Angus or AI Sired. Bred to LBW CE Pineview Angus Bulls to calve Mar 1 for 90 days. 2 rounds scourguard, Poured and Wormed Twice this Fall. 1150-1350#

Bred Cows
Partial Dispersal: 65 Blk Cows 3-7 Yrs old Bred to Simt Angus Bulls to start calving Apr 1. Current annual health program including shots, wormed, poured, and Scourguard

Fall Calving Cows: 20 Blk Bwf Cows 9 hd (7 yrs old) and 11 hd (3 yrs old). Bred to LBW Simt. bull to start calving Aug 21 for 60 days.