Special Bred Cow and Heifer and Feeder Cattle Sale
Monday Dec. 16, 2019 - 11:00 am
50 Angus Hfrs 600-700#
-Weaned and Vac
45 Blk Hfrs 600#
Weaned and Vac
40 Blk Red Strs and Hfrs 400-500#
-Weaned and Vac
22 Sim Red Angus X Strs and Hfrs 750-850#
-Gold Tagged
17 Blk Strs and Hfrs 450-550#
-Weaned and Vac
15 Blk Strs and Hfrs 275-300#
-Weaned and Vac
10 Red Hfrs 800-900#
10 Blk Red Strs and Hfrs 350-550#
-Weaned and Vac
6 Blk Red Strs and Hfrs 500-700#
-1 round shots
4 Blk Strs and Hfrs 250-450#

Complete Dispersal: 20 Blk Simt X Cows 5-12 yrs old Bred to Reg Angus Bull to start Mar 25
12 Blk Red Baldy Cows 9-12 yrs old Bred to Balancer Bull to calve after Mar 10
8 Sim Angus X Cows 2-5 yrs old Bred Blk
5 Reg. Angus Cows 3-7 yrs old Bred to Reg Angus Bull
3 Sim Angus Bred 1st calf Hfrs. Bred to Blk Sim Bull to calve Mar 1
2 Fall calving Pairs
6 Blk X Bred Cows 10 yrs old Bred to Blk Limo Bull to calve Feb

Listings updated as come in, so check back often.